Waves of deaths following vaccinations

Waves of deaths following vaccinations

British scientists have analysed mortality rates in England across three age groups (all over 60 years old) in relation to the time period in which these groups were vaccinated. For each group a significant wave of deaths was found to have occurred following vaccination [2].

It is striking that the wave of deaths after the campaign for the first vaccination dose affected the unvaccinated, while the wave after the second dose campaign involved those who were vaccinated once. Since the researchers used mortality figures with Covid deaths already subtracted, waves of Covid infections can be ruled out as a cause of these deaths. For the researchers, the only plausible explanation is that in England, as is the case for many other countries, the vaccination status of individuals is systematically delayed to reflect the protective effect of the vaccines kicking in. Specifically, people are respectively classified as unvaccinated for the first 14 days following their first vaccine dose, and as 1x vaccinated for 14 days following the second injection.

Therefore, the observed waves of deaths very likely coincide with and involve those who received their first and second vaccine doses. The authors offer as a possible explanation that the vaccination is known to weaken the immune system for a short time. Since a weakened immune system also increases the possibility of a severe course of Covid, the scientists looked at Covid mortality as a next step. In their analysis, among other things, they corrected for the above-mentioned time-delay in the classification of vaccination status, so that the increased vulnerability post-vaccination was not attributed to unvaccinated people.

As a result, the protective effect of the vaccine could no longer be observed [2]. Other researchers have pointed out similar findings: The data from one of the largest and most cited field studies that show a high effectiveness of the vaccination [3] was reviewed by a US statistics expert, and found to contain significant distortions [4].


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