How could deaths after vaccination remain undiscovered?


If there is any truth to the increased mortality following vaccination…

How could deaths after vaccinations have remained undiscovered for so long?

  • Mortality due to vaccination remained unnoticeable for a long time – in the US study the death rate due to vaccination from February to August was reported to be 0.04% [1], that is one in every 2,500 people (which still represents a greater risk than Covid for most people). The causes of death appear to be well known and inconspicuous, such as heart attacks and strokes. Numerous reports from social media channels about sudden deaths following vaccination were not taken seriously, and autopsies were not performed [26, 26c].
  • Mortality only became increasingly noticeable towards the autumn. However, since no serious effect was perceived immediately following the vaccination campaigns in the summer, vaccinations were not suspected to be a cause of death, despite the fact that excess mortality in many countries either began or considerably rose following the roll-out of the booster vaccines. However, this development is too recent for there to be scientific assessments regarding correlations.

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