Hospitals overflowing with unvaccinated people?


If there is any truth to the increased mortality following vaccination…

Why were (and are) the hospitals overflowing with unvaccinated people?

The question arises as to what extent this is based on a distortion of the facts:

  • The studies from the US and Great Britain, using different data sets, consistently show an increased mortality (Covid and non-Covid) in the weeks following vaccination campaigns. After surviving the first few weeks, a protective effect sets in that lasts for about 3.5 months [1]. In the period directly following vaccination, however, the immune system is weakened to such an extent that the protective effect would need to last for at least 22 months in order to compensate for the previous vulnerable phase [1a]. In this phase, not only increased deaths, but also an increased rate of Covid infections can be observed [4a].
  • It is exactly during this time period of increased case numbers and mortality, up to 14 days following the second injection, that vaccinated people are classified in the statistics as unvaccinated [27, 28].
  • Official data from England [29] as well as an increasing body of research by journalists [30, 31, 32] show that approx. 50-60% of Covid patients were actually hospitalised due to other reasons, and that Covid was only a secondary diagnosis. A secondary diagnosis could even have been given without symptoms, since appropriate measures are required in any case due to the necessary isolation.
  • In some data sets, the vaccination status of a majority of the patients was unknown, and these individuals were subsequently simply classified as unvaccinated [33, 34].

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