The Demand

As a 2-page pdf (plus additional information and references) the demand compiles the growing body of research showing that the scientific discourse on Covid-19 vaccine safety is far from clear, and that a high health risk orginating from the vaccines must be assumed. All sections of the document are listed below and can be accessed seperately:

  1. US-study shows higher all-cause mortality with increasing vaccination coverage in the US & Europe
  2. British scientists find waves of deaths following vaccinations
  3. Increase in cardiovascular and neurological diseases
  4. Excess mortality
  5. Immune deficiency and increase in cancer
  6. Pathologists speak of a high number of undetected vaccine-induced death cases

Discussion and Conclusion

If there is any truth to the increased mortality following vaccination…

  1. How could this have remained undiscovered for so long?
  2. Why were (and are) the hospitals overflowing with unvaccinated people?
  3. How can the contradictions to studies that show high vaccine effectiveness be explained?

References with more detailed information