Contradictions to studies showing high vaccine effectiveness

If there is any truth to the increased mortality following vaccination…

How can the contradictions to studies that show high vaccine effectiveness be explained?

This would have to be looked at in detail for each study. Some possible explanations are:

  • Since a person is only partially protected for up to 14 days following their second vaccination, this
    person is excluded from comparative studies on vaccination protection during this period [28, 35]. As has been mentioned several times, this represents a period of high immunological vulnerability (including to Covid) and mortality, which is not compensated for by the subsequent protection afforded by the vaccine [1, 1a]. Moreover, a significant increase in Covid cases occurs following the first vaccine dose [4a].
  • Distortions as described in reference [4]. Although the author only reviews the data from the study by Dagan et al. [3], he also posits with reference to another study that similar distortions could have played a role [4b].

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